When a large group of business leaders shows up on a Friday evening (without drinks being served), highly engaged and ready to invest in their growth as leaders, it’s inspiring. That’s exactly what happened recently in Romania’s city of Cluj-Napoca. It is a city to invest in, with its large and growing IT sector, excellent local universities, and–most important of all–its strong community of business leaders. Thank you to Daniel Lar (managing director of Yonder) and Ruben Marian (founder & CEO of Utilben ) for inviting me to join them at one of their quarterly GuildTalks gatherings to talk about culture, balance, the role luck plays in success, and the Global Leadership Summit, which will take place in 5 locations in Romania this year, with well over 1000 attendees.

Above, with Daniel Lar at GuildTalks January 31, 2020
in the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania (below)

The following day, I was invited to record a session of the “When In Ro” podcast (which I’m told is #1 in Romania) with hosts Trevor and Matt. They asked me questions about the difference between “leadership” and “influence”, doing business in China, handling criticism, the best question for a leader to ask, and other topics. To listen, click here for the web player or here to listen via Spotify.

I also toured Colina Noua, a new community being developed north of the city of Cluj-Napoca, with high quality homes, a school, a farm for fresh local produce, and a village with shops. It’s the result of wonderful collaboration by a team of Romanians and Americans with a vision for high quality, affordable, and sustainable living.

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