Grit, Resourcefulness, Self-Sacrifice

The fundamentals of leadership are well-known: Vision, willingness to step to the front, and integrity, to name a few. Here are a few other leadership qualities that don’t get talked about as much. These are incredibly important leadership qualities. In fact, these are often the qualities that separate the best from the rest. 1. Grit.Continue reading “Grit, Resourcefulness, Self-Sacrifice”

Keys to Career Success

Several years ago, I spoke at the Wharton Asia Business Conference, sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. One of the other speakers was Donald Tang, who was, among many other things, the former Chairman & CEO of Bear Stearns Asia. After each speaker’s talk, there was a Q&A session. At the endContinue reading “Keys to Career Success”

What Governs?

Every well-run business or team requires governance.  Governance comes in two main forms:  formal controls and social norms.  If a business is well-governed, then some combination of these two will provide the governance required.  Let’s take a look at each. Formal controls:  These are the rules, policies, and procedures established to ensure control and order. TheseContinue reading “What Governs?”

In the Rain, Uphill, Against the Wind: The Perfect Time

When I was young, I played basketball. I’m not tall, so this was perhaps not the best choice, but I loved it. To compensate, I practiced a lot, especially when it was raining, because when it was raining, I was pretty sure that no one else was out there. It would just be me. ItContinue reading “In the Rain, Uphill, Against the Wind: The Perfect Time”