“Wartime CEO” and The J-Curve

A 2011 blog post by Ben Horowitz helped to popularize the concept of the “peacetime CEO/wartime CEO”. In times of crisis, this concept is sometimes cited as a rationale for the “wartime CEO” approach, meaning a more hard-core, command-and-control, higher intensity style of leadership. The 2011 blog post says, among other things, a wartime CEOContinue reading ““Wartime CEO” and The J-Curve”

The Biggest Need? “Good Leadership”

In October 2019, I traveled to Johannesburg in South Africa, where I met Joe Mabuela, who took me to Soweto, the large township southwest of Johannesburg (this is where Soweto gets its name…South west township). Soweto is a densely populated township with 5-7 million people living in challenging conditions. Joe grew up in Soweto andContinue reading “The Biggest Need? “Good Leadership””

Grit, Resourcefulness, Self-Sacrifice

The fundamentals of leadership are well-known: Vision, willingness to step to the front, and integrity, to name a few. Here are a few other leadership qualities that don’t get talked about as much. These are incredibly important leadership qualities. In fact, these are often the qualities that separate the best from the rest. 1. Grit.Continue reading “Grit, Resourcefulness, Self-Sacrifice”

In the Rain, Uphill, Against the Wind: The Perfect Time

When I was young, I played basketball. I’m not tall, so this was perhaps not the best choice, but I loved it. To compensate, I practiced a lot, especially when it was raining, because when it was raining, I was pretty sure that no one else was out there. It would just be me. ItContinue reading “In the Rain, Uphill, Against the Wind: The Perfect Time”